Arati of Shri Sai Baba

Oh Sai Baba, we wave lights before You, the bestower of happiness to the Jivas. Give us - Your servants and devotees rest under the dust of Your feet. Burning (destroying) desire, You remain absorbed in Your Self and show the Lord (God) to the aspirants. As one feels intently, You give him experiences or realizations accordingly. Oh kind-hearted, Your power is such! Meditation on Your name removes our fear of the samsar. Your method of work is really unfathomable as You always help the poor and helpless. In this Kali age, You - the all-pervasive Datta, have really incarnated as Saguna Brahma. Ward off the fear of samsar of the devotees who come to You every Thursday so as to enable them to see the feet of the Lord. Oh! God of Gods, I pray that let my treasure be the service of Your feet. Feed Madhav and (you should utter your name here) with happiness as the cloud feeds the Chatak bird with pure water and thus keep up Your Word. Amen !

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. Aali Prasadachi Wat (1.9 MB)


. Akra Vachan (3.64 MB)

. Ananta Tula Re (2.96 MB) . Aarti Saibaba (3.89 MB)
. Ata Swami (3.85 MB) . Ghoshna (742 KB)
. Gurubrahma Guruvishnu (3.56 MB) . Hari Om (2.23 MB)
. Jai Jai Sainath (4.40 MB) . Jap1 (3.10 MB)
. Jap 2 (3.16 MB) . Joduniya  (21.8 MB)
. Kadhi Na Ruso (6.08 MB) . Lopaley (4.2 MB)
. Ovaloo Aarati (2.86 MB) . Sada Satswarupam (5.09 MB)
. Sai Digambara (2.22 MB) . Shri Sainathay (14.1 MB)
. Tuj Kay Magu (4.10 MB)  

Bow to Shri Sai - Peace be to all

 Shri Sai Satcharitra